Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fail Fail Fail Fail

I fail at life....

First I fail at studying for finals. I hate finals and studying so I sit and get distracted on facebook or I blog or creep on other peoples blog's or my favorite new thing to do is to creep on people's wedding pictures. So if you're married and we are friends on facebook I have more than likely creeped you this week. Sorry...forgive me. Also engagement pictures creeped on those too. Again sorry I am a creeper, if you didn't already know that.

Second, I fail at crafts....

this happened a while ago, but I was so distraught about that I couldn't bring myself to blog about it.

So, Little know fact about me I love Birds, not real birds. Real birds creep me out. I love those fake birds that you see in the floral section of Hobby Lobby. Well a few weeks ago my mom found these birds on MAJOR clearance

(I took this picture thinking i could do this awesome before and after blog post)

I wanted to use birds in JRP's and my wedding, but I wanted them white. I thought no problem I'm crafty I can spray paint these birds in a jiff and they will be the most beautiful things ever! Boy was I wrong.

First mistake, you see how they are all laid out on a piece of paper, well apparently you can't spray paint them like that I mean really that should have been obvious to me but I wasn't thinking. So after doing a few and failing I deiced that I needed to put them in some type of Styrofoam so I could get all of them. Second mistake, did you know the chemicals in spray paint melt styrofoam? yeah I didn't either so i ended up with this....

Huge Major Craft Fail..

I think I'll just go buy the white ones....or ditch the birds (who am I kidding I could never)

Off to Hobby Lobby I go, again


Sunday, April 25, 2010


the most perfectly, perfect pillows that there ever were....

These are the pillows that will sit in my Amazingly, Amazing yellow chairs, in JRP's and Mine awesomely, awesome married apartment in 3 months!!!

However, what will not be there is the beautifully, beautiful gray love seat that I have dreamed about, because apparently it doesn't exist. Well that's a lie, it does exist, but its ridiculously, ridiculous over priced :( Curse you Crate & Barrel...I hate you.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Forget the Wedding

Forget the Reception

Forget the Flowers

Forget the Dress

Forget the Chocolate fountains

Forget the cake

I am done planning a wedding

I'm focusing on the marriage

Yesterday we went and picked out these two books to read!!

We are really excited to start reading them!!

If you have anymore reading suggestions feel free to comment!!

(I actually am not done planning the wedding, but I know planning our marriage needs to take priority over the wedding)

In wedding planning news the bridesmaid dresses came yesterday and they are PERFECT I love them!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dos and Don'ts

I absolutely love my ring!! I, of course like every bride-to-be, stare at it constantly, and show it off at any moment that is presented to me. I have come to find out though that people DO NOT understand what the proper response is when someone shows you their beautiful rock. So here is a little list of the dos and the don'ts of engagement ring responses.

1. Don't ever ask how much it was!!!

2. Don't ask how big it is!!

3. Don't EVER say that you know someone who has a ring that looks a lot like it

4. Don't call it cute, in fact you should never EVER call anything about a wedding cute especially to the bride. I hate that word!! It's really just the nice way to say fine.

1. Do call it beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking, and the best ring you have ever seen.

2. Do ask me to see it EVERY TIME you see me.

3. Do stare at it with me

4. Do complement the groom on doing such a good job (even though JRP didn't pick out this ring per say its still proper and nice to do)

My ring is now begging for my undivided attention...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check, Check, Check, Check

After hours of running around town yesterday and my future hubby patiently standing in Hobby Lobby while I agonize over which markers to get to address the invitations, I have so many things crossed off my list it's not even funny!!

-Decorative letters for candy table- Check
-Ribbon (red, black, and white)- Check
-Glass Jar for Unity sand-Check
-engrave glass jar with names and verse- Check, Pick it up today
-Sand (red, black and White)-Check
-White Spray paint for a DIY project I'm working on-Check
-Chalkboard paint for another project- Check
-2 Silver paint Markers- Check
-Bridesmaid dresses ordered-check
-Jason's Ring being made ready in 3 weeks- Check
-Guestbook stuff bought-Check
-Wedding music all but one-check
-Reception music-check
-Invitation wording-check
-Book Engagement pictures-Check
-Find prince charming and marry him-Check

And the thing I have been dreading the most has been started, The guest list
Evil guest list more like it
Why can't we just send out a blanket invite for everyone we know to come?
I know, I know...it's rude and the chapel only holds 200 people so RSVP=CRUCIAL!
but really finding everyone's addresses and figuring out all the proper names and the way to put them and figuring out who to invite and who not to invite, I mean wow it's a lot

Luckily for me I have the most AMAZING mother in the world, who pretty much handled it yesterday! Seriously though she's awesome!

I ran across this Blog Post Yesterday when I was of course creeping on people, I mean really how can you not. but this is exactly how I feel right now you should go read it!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a little article in my inbox. The 10 most daring wedding dresses, I thought hey cool I might as well look and as I'm scrolling through I am dumbfounded!! There is a dress that has some of the same features my dress has!! WHAT!! I was rather shocked. However, as I was thinking about it today I have always been a little daring with my fashion so why stop now, Embrace it and of course I will totally rock it. (Shayla that's for you)

On that note lets talk about THE DRESS, for a second. (oh BTW I bought THE DRESS!!!! and it doesn't come in until JULY, ECK, THE END OF JULY!!! Double ECK!!!! Yeah July!! We are getting married in August..all I can do is pray right now!) My dress is the most perfect, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, dress that has ever been made or will be made on the face of this earth, but I'm a little biased. I mean I would even pick this dress over wearing a dress Marie Antoinette wore herself, and trust me thats saying a lot!! So Yes, I love my dress, but what bride doesn't?

And because I feel like people never read the blog they just look at the pictures..Here's the best wedding dress i have ever seen, I like to call it the condom dress..Enjoy...


Sunday, April 18, 2010

All the cool kids have the Ghostbusters theme song at their weddings

I have the best fiancée!! Not only did he spend most of the day and miss most of the playoff game picking out songs for our wedding, (he also somehow convinced me it would be really cool to have ghostbusters and the Ninja Turtles theme songs at our reception), but then he took me to ihop listened my crazy ideas for our reception, figured out our vows, and wrote out what the invitations are going to say. He is truly the most wonderful man I know. I couldn't make it through this without him! I would be so stressed out everyday! I thank God everyday for putting him in my life! He is the man of my dreams and the man I have asked God for since i was a kid! I am truly blessed!

I found bridesmaid dresses!!!!!!!! They are on their way here and hopefully will be great because I really don't want to have to send them back!!

Throughout the past week I have slowly started to realize that my last name is changing this was especially evident today when JRP started singing "We're the Perry gang" to a song that the freshmen used in their spring sing show this year. There are obviously pros and cons to this.
Con, I have to learn how to sign my name again
Pro, P,R, and Y's are my favorite letters to write
Con, My last name is so cool sounding
Pro, No one can spell my last name and I think people can spell Perry pretty easily, Also no one can ever pronounce my last name, so it will be nice not to have to correct everyone
Con, I have to change my name on everything i.e. drivers license, school paperwork, facebook...ect,
Pro, I get to be married to JRP, that equals pro times a million!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let the Wedding planning begin!!

We are getting married on August 14, 2010. That's right this August, you know the one coming up in less than 4 months? Neither one of us wanted a long engagement at all so August 14th it is.

We have gotten a lot done in the past week. First of all we booked the church, which was easy because its the church we go to. Here's a picture of the chapel where I will marry my best friend!

I love the red!! of course its my favorite color and a wedding color! :)

Also, we asked the Photographer, but we haven't filled out the contract yet so i guess we haven't officially booked her. Here is her blog

Bridesmaid dresses however are the most frustrating thing at this point!!! I can't find ones I like and my sister likes anywhere!!!! And now my sister is in Japan so it's going to be that much hard to find anything!! Ugh..I'm going to be done with this for awhile maybe new styles will come out or something i dont know!!

Ok time for take out and a movie with my honey!! More later!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Proposal story!!

I'm ENGAGED to JRP (who else?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the story....
Friday night was his club's banquet so you know i got all dressed up, we took pictures, ate dinner, hung out and then went home. Well when we got back he asked me if I wanted to take a walk to this park we always walk to and we sit on the bench by the pond and read the bible. well it was cold, but i decided hey why not. so we walk along the path we sit down and he starts to read Genesis 2 at this point i have NO IDEA because earlier last week he set up a decoy by asking me on a date to go out to dinner this tuesday and wouldnt tell me where we were going. So he finished reading and we discuss it like we normally do so what we like and stuff. then he asks me if i will read our verse Romans 12:9-13 so i read it and then he hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. He then gets down on one knee and says "Heather, will you marry me?" and I start immediately crying and scream "OF CORUSE!!" luckily i still had my camera in my pocket so I took a picture of us right after he proposed. Later I found out that he actually was planning on proposing this afternoon, but he had taken the ring to get sized and polished on friday and just couldn't wait!

My beautiful VINTAGE ring from 1959 it was his grandmothers!!

I'm obsessed!! I love it SOOO much!!!

Psi Banquet

Right after JRP asked me to be HDP :):):)

124 days!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Lately I have being thinking and reading a lot about Patience, maybe because I'm the most impatient person alive or maybe because God has put it on my heart, especially since my last angry post that I need to have more patience with people and situations. That I need to relay on him, knowing that he will do what is right in his time, not mine. This lesson has evaded me since youth and I feel like in most of America. We always want everything right now, we strive for instant gratification rather than the pay off of waiting.

I verse that is always on my heart because it's part of JRP and my favorite verse is Romans 12:12

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Right now I would not say I was in a lot of affliction, but i do need the patient and the peace of God right now.

I am impatient about the end of school, about my apartment, about figuring out summer jobs and classes. I am impatient with the fact that my sister is leaving for Japan in less than a week for 2 YEARS! (I say I am impatient with this not because I want her to leave in fact I guess I'm really just impatient for 2 years to go by so she can come back!) I am very impatient with people right now in general (as you could probably see in my last post).

Patience is a virtue or so they say, but how to we as Americans who have been taught all our lives to get what you want now really implement patience in our lives?

Well I guess as they also say, Practice makes Perfect. So thats what I will be doing or at least trying to do is practice having patience. I guess thats all I can do right now.

Here's a picture that is hanging up in our College classroom at church that I LOVE.

I am on a road that feels a lot like that right now, but I am getting very impatient!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

If you can't say anything nice, Blog about it!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it's been CRAZY!!!

I don't normally blog about stuff like this, but it's happened a lot lately so here it goes!!

I CANNOT handle rude people! Literally though, it makes me so mad I want to scream!! I will not mention any names here of course cause that would make me a rude person, but I will rant and vent about this because I need it right now!

I mean really the audacity some people have I can't even believe! And then what makes me even more mad is that they have no idea they are being complete jerks, selfish, and inconsiderate to everyone around them.

I try to keep everything in. Just to keep my mouth shut and let it roll off me, but I CAN'T take anymore! I'm done! I will no longer put up with RUDE!!

I thought college students knew how to clean up after themselves, put away food, pick up trash, and do the dishes. However I was so sorely mistaken. I also, thought they knew when it's 2am and someone is trying to sleep that maybe it would be nice if you moved your huge party elsewhere!! Also, I thought that only insane people would turn the HEAT on 80 when its 80 degrees outside!!!

I also thought that adults knew how to be tactful instead I have encountered many tactless in the recent days. I also was unaware that in being so tactless people could think that they were actually being nice! I mean WOW!! Also, I am dang good at what I do and that sounds really prideful, but I don't deserve to be treated like a child and that I have no idea what I'm doing. Because really I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to my passion. Would someone really ask Michael Jordan's mother if he was capable of playing basketball, I mean seriously RUDE!! (also, I'm not saying I'm to Michael Jordan's standard or anything it was just and example!)

I think how I feel right now can only be expressed in the words of a very bratty and selfish women..
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow." -Scarlett O'Hara

End of school CANNOT come soon enough!!