Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100 Pages of Pure Evil

Let me introduce you to 100 pages of pure evil.....

The Historical Preservation guidelines!
This is what I have been doing for over a month!
It all started with our house getting broken into
Then we tried to put up the our fence to keep this from happening again!
Well our crazy neighbor says that we have "histor
ical" rose bushes on our property and we can't cover them up with a fence!
Well she called the historical society and the city on us.
And now I am having to memorize these 100 pages of pure evil.
I called the historical society myself and they say rose bushes cannot be considered historical, but now we have to jump through a bunch of loops to get up a dumb fence!! AHHHH
I will take a picture of my beautiful historic rose bushes for you all to see!

So while we get that figured out we moved on to texturing the whole house which is a lot more work than it sounds like!
We are trying to finish within the month, but I think we are dreaming on that one!
We have to get out of my parents house ASAP!!!
Pray for us!

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Ashley said...

Hang in there!!!