Saturday, February 26, 2011

Demo Day #1

JRP, Ben, Andy, and my daddy all went to the house today and tore the tile up!!! I had to stay with my mom because she just had a tooth cut out and can't be trusted to follow doctor's orders when she's alone or for that matter, when someone is there.

Take a look at their handy work :)

Take a look at what else they found under the kitchen tile:

More hardwood!!! :) My dad thinks all it needs is to be sanded and refinished and we'll have hardwood to match the rest of the house!!!! YAY!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Old House Before

It's the post you have all been waiting for or at least some of you....
We CLOSED on our house today!! We are officially home owners!!! SO crazy!!!!

Here are the before pictures:

Kitchen Before:

We plugged in the stove just to see if we could clean it up and use it, but no, it made a funny noise and we unplugged it quick!!

Laundry Room Before:
Can only hold a washer at the moment so that's got to be fixed! Good thing I love tearing down walls!!

Living Room Before:

Craft room/spare bedroom before:

Master bedroom before:

Bathroom Before:

Our KEY!!!!

"Welcome to our home!!"

Front before:


Friday, February 18, 2011

This Old House

Did you ever watch This Old House on tv? Not the new, but the one with this guy, you know in the 90's?

Remember? Bob Vila? If not go look it up and watch it!

Amazing show, my dad and I would always watch this show together instead of watching Saturday cartoons! I thought it was so cool how they restored old homes and it was always my dream to restore one some day.

And now my dream has come true!! On Tuesday JRP and I will be closing on our 1918 home and begin the process of restoring on own old house and make it into a home!!

Pictures of the inside to come soon!! Because I know you all are dying to see how trashed out it is, oops, I mean how much character it has! :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bridezilla part 2

Remember this post or this post about my bridezilla moment and how I couldn't find white roses for my bridal portraits?

Well now that I work in a flower shop I find out that you CAN make roses whiter or any color you want them to be!!!!

THEY MAKE FLORAL SPRAY PAINT!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!! Oh well I can't go back and change it! However, our photographer had this wonderful thing called photoshop and she made those bad boys look white!

See you can't even tell! Why was I so crazy about this? But in the bride of the moment I couldn't tell I was being crazy! If you have ever been a bride you understand.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Attack of the Roses

Yeah yeah The Super Bowl is today, whatever... today is the start of the WEEK BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY!!

If you don't remember I now work in a flower shop!

If you didn't know Valentine's day is the BIGGEST flower holiday of the year!


I just started and I barely know what I'm doing on a regular day let alone VALENTINE'S DAY!

Not only do I work on Valentine's day in the afternoon and have to deal with all the men who forgot, but I work everyday until then starting tomorrow, and I work all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!

I have been having nightmares of roses attacking me and suffocating me!!

People, please pray for me, the Valentine's Day Apocalypse is looming in 8 days!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To My Husband

In case you were wondering what I want for Valentines day, my birthday, or Christmas, here's an idea.....
Thanks to the Biggest Loser I now LOVE boxing and the pillow I've been hitting doesn't work so well, but my husband doesn't read my blog so we'll see if this ever happens.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

House Wish List

Since I'm snowed in today, I got really bored and started decorating our, hopefully, new home through the internet. Here are a few things that are on my house decorating wish list, but probably never going to happen, unless I can find cheaper alternatives.

These are the colors I want to go for our new kitchen
Light blue, red, black, and white. Kind of throw back to the 50's style. Here are a few things I found that would be perfect!








Dining Room/Living Room

Possibly a DIY project...We'll see, but maybe I do love it!

Another possible DIY project especially since it's $1000 and there is no way I would pay that much for any decor object.

We have BEAUTIFUL original hardwood floors in the house, but they need to be redone, BADLY so until we can afford to do that we need lots of rugs!!!

This rug would be perfect under our dining room table, but it's way to expensive so maybe I can find something similar.

Walmart won't let me put a picture on here, I love this rug and I probably will buy this one since it's so cheap!

These all over the house would be AMAZING!! I LOVE them! and they fit with the 1920's style of the home!