Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The rumors are true

We are expecting...

TA DA!!! Aren't they just the most precious things ever!!

These little bundles of joy will be arriving soon!!

We couldn't be more excited!!!

These guys need names any ideas?


Monday, July 26, 2010

Shower #1

Yesterday We had our shower at my home church!

I may be biased, but I have to say JRP and I had the best shower ever and the most wonderful hostesses ever!!!

I feel so wonderfully blessed to have such an amazing church family! I don't know what I would do without them! Thank you to everyone who came!

Here are a few pictures from the shower....

Here are our wonderful and amazing hostesses!!!

Heres the beautiful table they made!! They made everything black and white!! It was so awesome! and My mom made the amazing cake!! I love it so much!!! You can see it better on her blog.

My daddy and one of my best friends Trey even came to the shower! It was awesome!!

I'm sad my sister couldn't be there, but she sent me a sweet note that made it kind of ok!

Thank you to everyone! We are so excited about putting all our new stuff in it's new home very soon!!!


P.S. Sorry about the blurry pictures, my mom needs a new camera.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridal Portraits

So I have come to find out you can not make white roses whiter.

So I gave up and my mother made me this wonderful bouquet out of the "white" roses.

I really love it! I no longer care about them being white white they are pretty either way!! The Lace on the handle is from my mom's wedding dress, but you can't really see it in this picture. That made it even more special!

Speaking of my mother, She deserves a medal or something for putting up with all the crap I have given her and probably will give her!!! Sorry Mommy You are the best I love you so much!!!! I am very lucky to have such an amazing and wonderful mother! And also, very lucky she hasn't killed me yet!!!

I had a lot of bridezilla moments before my pictures. Here's the run down.

Thursday the nail place SCREWED up my nails and then put baby oil on my head after they waxed my eyebrows the baby oil caused my face of course to break out so that was lovely to wake up to on the day you are taking pictures!!

Then Friday the bare minerals lady put purple eyeshadow on me. I hate purple. HATE IT! Luckily it didn't look purple in the pictures!

Then I got my hair done by the wonderful Marlie! I wasn't sure about the front of it at first, but then the second I saw the first picture I loved it! And the back was AMAZING! She's awesome!! And she fixed my makeup! She's a lifesaver!

Then I ran, threw on my dress and started taking pictures with our wonderful photographer Mandy! It was so much fun and such a great time! It made everything that happened thursday and the morning melt away.

I think it was the first time I really realized that I was a bride.

Good thing I figured that out 3 weeks before the wedding!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bridezilla moment

Last night, I went the store to buy white roses for my bouquet. This is all i could find.....

Do these look white to you? if you said yes you are wrong. These are ivory I would even go as far as yellow they are not white.

I want white roses.

My colors are black and WHITE with touches of red.

Not ivory, not off white, not eggshell....


It may make me a snob, but I just can't handle ivory roses with my white dress and feathers.

This will not do so I decided I had to take action.

I am in the process of trying to dye, bleach, baking soda, and I might even restore to spray painting this dumb roses!!!

Hopefully they will be white white when i get home other wise I guess I will be buying silk roses which I do NOT want to do!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craft Success

I Finally did it!! I succeed at making crafts for our wedding!!!!

I made my garters. If you are wondering what the green is about its because It's JRP's favorite color so I'm trying to put somewhere in our wedding.

I made these cake plates out of candle sticks plates, and spray paint. I have a few more to make.

I made a chalk board sign for the cake table or somewhere in the wedding we'll figure that out later.

I made a chalkboard sign for my mom which I might write something else and use it in the wedding too.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


I picked up THE DRESS on Friday!!!! And it fit perfectly!! I was so excited.....Of course I'm not going to show you a picture of the dress, but here's a picture of my face when I tried it on for the first time!

This is my "I can't believe I'm standing in my wedding dress, I can't believe it fits perfectly, and I can't believe I'm getting married in less than a month!!!" look!

I'm so excited to marry my best friend and move out of my crazy house!!!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Registries are cheating.


End of discussion.

And I absolutely LOVE it!

It's like opening your presents before Christmas and then rewrapping so your mom doesn't know. (Which my sister and I did every year, sorry mom)

I can't get enough of them.

They are so much fun.

I am constantly looking at them and updating them trying to get them just perfect.

Registries are awesome.

Getting Married is awesome.

JRP is awesome.


End of discussion.

Just thought you all should know how I feel.

Also if you have an idea for a new name for my blog after I get married, Let me know!! I'll do a poll soon!


Ready, Set, 1 Month!

1 MONTH till I marry the most wonderful man!! I still can't believe he picked me! :)

The knot didn't remind me today...Fail Knot, Fail!

Here's what I did yesterday....

Made my hair clip. I love it! It's exactly what I wanted, but all the ones that i found that looked like this were $100 or more, but I now know why because it took FOREVER to make. Totally worth it!


Monday, July 12, 2010

More Wedding Updates

Here's what I made for my bridesmaid hair! I love them I hope they do too!! Those are also the back of our wonderful invites!!!

Well we are coming down to the end almost a month till the big day and I couldn't be more excited and frantic trying to get everything done.

I take my bridal portraits next week! Hopefully my dress will be here!! Then Jason is moving into our apartment!! Then my sister gets here!!!!! Then the wedding!! Thats crazy!!!! And awesome!!!!

We did a test run of some of the table decorations last night and I couldn't be happier with them!!!! I can't wait to see everything put together!!!!

I have tomorrow off to it will be devoted to working on the wedding!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Future

Like most college seniors I'm terrified to graduate!! Even saying I'm a college senior scares me to death!

I was so scared that I was going to hold off a semester and graduate in December, but recently my plans have changed.

Now I'm graduating in April.


I have never known anything, but school.

I haven't had a summer off school since middle school. Literally.

I am even more terrified that I'm graduating with a degree in a field that I have no interest in working in.

All these questions arise when I start to think about the future.

What if JRP and I can't find jobs in the fields we want to be in? What if we can't find jobs at all?

Are we going to stay here? move out state? out of the country?

What does the next 5, 10, 20 years look like for us?

How are we going to pay off all our school loans?

This is hilarious to me and probably most of you because getting married doesn't scare me at all! I mean why would it I'm marrying the love of my life, my best friend, and my brother in christ. Even though I know everything is not always going to be perfect. I know we will fight, I know we will get annoyed with each other or hurt by te other. I also know that I can get through anything with him and that I love him more than I ever thought you could really love someone.

Luckily I have JRP by my side, I don't know what I would do without him!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Details, details, details

Any good costume designer will tell you that everything is in the details.....EVERYTHING. From the feather on a hat to the lace on a petticoat. Its all important and it brings the whole concept into view.

Being an aspiring costume designer and planning a wedding, the details are driving me CRAZY!!

I can't fall asleep till 3 hours after I go to bed because I'm thinking about everything that needs to get done!! About everything I could do or should do or need to do. I make to do lists in my dreams, not to mention the nightmares about not having everything finished!

We are coming down to the end, a month and a week...Let me repeat that A MONTH and A WEEK PEOPLE!!!! 38 days!!! Thats insane, amazing, exciting, and wonderful all rolled into one!!

I am beyond excited to marry JRP!!!! And really marrying him is all that matters!

I just can't tame the designer or the perfectionist in me nor my mother who is just like me, not mention my father!!

Hurry up August 14th!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Transformation from Me to We

Today I realized that I am no longer a "Me"

I now say things like:

"We are so glad that you will be able to make it."

"We would love to come."

"We can't, We have a prior engagement." (Apparently I also speak more refined when I answer as We)

I also sign both of our names on thank you cards and forms.

I RSVP to events for 2 instead of 1

I think and talk to JRP about how something will effect us before I make any type of choice.

I love the journey that we are on and I can't wait for our future! (See I did it again!)

I don't think I could have picked a better person to be a "We" with! :)

Heathrow & JRP

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great Day

Thank you for all the votes!! We are going with pillows, now I just have to buy or make the perfect pillows, but I'm already making so much I might just buy them off Etsy, aka my new addiction which is funny because I use to hate Etsy so much!! I know i know Judge me.

Today is a great day!!!

Invites are done and out!! (RSVP PLEASE!!!)

My dress gets here in 2 weeks!!! Hopefully.

JRP moves into our apartment in a month Which means I get to start decorating and putting everything together!!!

My sister gets here in a Month and a week!!!!

JRP and I get married in a Month and a half!!!!

Wow, I have so much to do!!!!

I will not get stressed out, I will not get stressed out, I will not get stressed out!!!!!!!