Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Details, details, details

Any good costume designer will tell you that everything is in the details.....EVERYTHING. From the feather on a hat to the lace on a petticoat. Its all important and it brings the whole concept into view.

Being an aspiring costume designer and planning a wedding, the details are driving me CRAZY!!

I can't fall asleep till 3 hours after I go to bed because I'm thinking about everything that needs to get done!! About everything I could do or should do or need to do. I make to do lists in my dreams, not to mention the nightmares about not having everything finished!

We are coming down to the end, a month and a week...Let me repeat that A MONTH and A WEEK PEOPLE!!!! 38 days!!! Thats insane, amazing, exciting, and wonderful all rolled into one!!

I am beyond excited to marry JRP!!!! And really marrying him is all that matters!

I just can't tame the designer or the perfectionist in me nor my mother who is just like me, not mention my father!!

Hurry up August 14th!!!!!!!!


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