Sunday, February 6, 2011

Attack of the Roses

Yeah yeah The Super Bowl is today, whatever... today is the start of the WEEK BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY!!

If you don't remember I now work in a flower shop!

If you didn't know Valentine's day is the BIGGEST flower holiday of the year!


I just started and I barely know what I'm doing on a regular day let alone VALENTINE'S DAY!

Not only do I work on Valentine's day in the afternoon and have to deal with all the men who forgot, but I work everyday until then starting tomorrow, and I work all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!

I have been having nightmares of roses attacking me and suffocating me!!

People, please pray for me, the Valentine's Day Apocalypse is looming in 8 days!!



Anonymous said...

You will do GREAT Heathrow!!!! As always!!!!! The flowers are beautiful!!!!!!

Meghan S. said...

Heathrow you got this! :)

Heathrow said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!