Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Old House Before

It's the post you have all been waiting for or at least some of you....
We CLOSED on our house today!! We are officially home owners!!! SO crazy!!!!

Here are the before pictures:

Kitchen Before:

We plugged in the stove just to see if we could clean it up and use it, but no, it made a funny noise and we unplugged it quick!!

Laundry Room Before:
Can only hold a washer at the moment so that's got to be fixed! Good thing I love tearing down walls!!

Living Room Before:

Craft room/spare bedroom before:

Master bedroom before:

Bathroom Before:

Our KEY!!!!

"Welcome to our home!!"

Front before:



TaylorMade said...

Congrats! Cant wait to see everything done!

Enjoy having a craft room, I love having my own.

Roxanne said...

I LOVE it! Where is it?!

Staci and Daniel said...

Looking good. You have a ton of work to do!! But it will be fun. I love the wood floor and how lit up the living room is during the day. Look on Craigslist for new appliances.. Good luck :)

Heathrow said...

Taylor- I can't wait to have my own craft room! Last night I was trying to make something in the living room and Jason kept stepping on my stuff and moving things around it was driving me CRAZY!!!

Roxy- It's in the Paseo District!

Staci-The hardwood floors badly need redone and we have to put and want to put carpet in the bedrooms because of how the messed up the floor in the master when they closed in part of the porch. Yeah it has tons of windows, that all need to be replaced! YAY more work! I'm looking for a stackable washer and dryer right now!

Emily Lucius said...

I'm obsessed with HGTV, and now I feel closer to the reality of buying and fixing up a home, knowing someone who is going through it! (Greg and I can't decide if we want to do this or build) This is SO cool - I'm so excited for you two! I LOVE those old homes with character... I know you are going to spread your creative ideas everywhere, and it will be fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product!