Saturday, February 26, 2011

Demo Day #1

JRP, Ben, Andy, and my daddy all went to the house today and tore the tile up!!! I had to stay with my mom because she just had a tooth cut out and can't be trusted to follow doctor's orders when she's alone or for that matter, when someone is there.

Take a look at their handy work :)

Take a look at what else they found under the kitchen tile:

More hardwood!!! :) My dad thinks all it needs is to be sanded and refinished and we'll have hardwood to match the rest of the house!!!! YAY!


TaylorMade said...

thats a great surprise!

Anonymous said...

A tooth cut out?? Ouch!
- Ben

Staci and Daniel said...

Love me some secret hardwood floors.

I also love these cabinets- need some work but the set up is pretty good.

Love ya :)