Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours and occasionally Rains Radiation and Brain Bleeds

This week has been a rough one. Let me give you a play by play.

Thursday Morning: My preacher, mentor, and friend passes away somewhat suddenly
Friday: The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan happen
Saturday: Funeral and Found out about the nuclear threat in Japan
Sunday: Begging Staci and Dan to come home, Trey breaks his head on his longboard and has to have brain surgery
Monday: Speed down to Dallas to see Trey, Find out Staci and Dan are not coming home
Tuesday: Find out Staci and Dan are Coming home
Wednesday: Staci and Dan are home!!!!

Trey with his broken head.

Staci and Dan in the airport after a long flight!! So glad they are safe!! Praying for all the rest of Japan!

In the midst of everything we did manage to get some work done on the house.

My Dad and JRP got their way and this wall is coming down. In hindsight I'm glad it's coming down because there was a huge rats nest in the wood work! Yuck! and it will make it to where JRP and I can have a normal sized couch!

Oh hey big hole in the floor. This was where the old floor heater was, but now it is no more.

Oh the wood floors in the kitchen. Some dumb face put that sticky crappy tile on top of these beautiful hardwood floors and its been a nightmare to get off, oh but I will get it off!!!

My dad and JRP got a lot of plumbing done today and hopefully will finish it tomorrow!

And my sweet in-laws are coming down to help tomorrow and then we are going to see Staci and Dan!! YAY!

I have learned a lot from this house already. Like if you are going to start a project like this you better have a lot of patience and I mean A LOT of patience. Restoring takes time and money and it's hard work. It can be stressful, exciting, and scary all at once, but hopefully it's worth it in the end!



Anonymous said...

Hey, for the record did not look like this when I sold it to them, lol! Things will come together beautifully with the ideas you both have on restoring this old house. I am anxious to see the final results...I'll be checking in on your blog posts =).

Heathrow said...

True we've torn it up a lot!! I hope so! I'm ready to start putting it back together!!