Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choose the color

Our wonderful neighbors signed us up for this community project OU does around our area. Apparently our house looked bad enough so we got chosen and they are going to come paint the outside of our house this weekend! We have to choose the paint color for our house! So what do I do? I put up a poll! Please help!! We know we want white trim.

Here are the options,
#1 Light blue
#2 Yellow
#3 Light green
#4 Dark Gray
#5 Light Gray
Vote on the poll and let me know what you think!!
Your votes are anonymous, but if you want me to know what you picked and why leave me a comment!


M said...

I voted for the dark grey because as lovely as the other colors are, I feel like you might get tired of them. You could really do a lot with your door, landscaping, etc. with the grey. Also, the other colors would probably fade or get dirty looking the fastest. I'm sure anything you chose will end up looking great though!

randee leigh said...

Dark Gray is also good because then you can do a fun accent color for your door, like red!

AK said...

Well I love the yellow or blue. It would look like a little cottage out of a Jane Austen book. But if you are looking a resale a more neutral color would be appropriate. Not everyone loves a bright colored house.
And you front door could always be a cool color.

So excited for you and Jason!

Staci and Daniel said...

I lean toward yellow or blue as well, just because I like bright colors! Haha. But the dark gray would be best I think. So exciting!!! I love you!

Heathrow said...

M- Very true I'm very drawn to the dray gray, but the husband wants the light green.

Randee- I want a red door so badly but I might do a pretty green to appease Jason because the rest of the house is "too girly" for him

AK- I love the fun colors too but I agree about resale we are going to have to go neutral so we can sell in a few years and not have to paint again!

Staci- Thanks! I love you too!

Jason said...

Yellow with a red door and black shutters. Forget Jason. ;)

-Bonnie Lyn Paige