Saturday, April 2, 2011

House Progress and Crafts for Sister

There will be no after picture today for several reasons.
1: We are not done painting yet
2: Dark grey won the poll, I planned on dark grey,
I bought lighter paint than I wanted because my dad said it w
ill be darker when you get it on, but it was somehow was lighter when we got it on so we
will be tinting what we have darker for the finish coat. and pray it looks good!

But today was an awesome day! I guess I cannot be an OU hater anymore because those students were so sweet, nice, and tons of help!!

Even though I do not have house pictures today I do have craft pictures for you!!! Since my sister is about to leave (Wednesday) and her birthday is on Friday instead of mailing her, her presents I just made them while she was here, take a look....

I made the skirt and it has pockets!!!
Flower Bracelet
Flower Hair Clip
I also am making her one more skirt if I have time before she leaves!

Nappy Birfday Sister, I wuv you!

These photo-shoot out takes need to be shared:
Isn't My Sister so cute and Japanese??!!!?!



Kitty said...

Such a cute skirt! And everything else too! I'm impressed :)

Staci and Daniel said...

Geez.. Thanks for this.