Monday, September 26, 2011

The Stripe Saga

Ok I kinda lied in my last post, I thought about it a lot and there not going to be any changes made to this blog other than I'm going to try to post more. However, there are a lot of changes being made in my life, like the new business I am starting, but that a whole another story for a whole other blog which is coming soon.

Any way at the house we had a huge problem. Remember the stripes we are doing on our living room ceiling? The story starts like this....
We taped everything off, which took 2 days and 3 rolls of expensive tape
Then we painted the yellow and at this point I wasn't sure about the look.
Then we peeled off the tape and this happened...
On almost every stripe, I wanted to cry and I almost did, I was so upset about this.
and It still looks like that because I can't bring myself to work on it more, should we just paint it all yellow, all white, or fix the stripes? What do you guys think??

We also moved the back door!!!
NEW DOOR!!! Yay we can fit a washer AND dryer in our laundry room!!
Ready to be done!!

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TaylorMade said...

I love seeing your updates about your house! I really like the stripes, so sorry they messed up! Good luck with the rest of the remodel!