Monday, July 2, 2012

Awkward Lunch

In Japan there is no school cafeteria all the students eat in their classrooms and serve each other lunch. I get the great privilege of eating lunch with a different class everyday. A few days ago I was eating with a 3rd grade class (9th grade in the US) and I just so happened to be seated in a lunch group of mostly all boys.

We start eating lunch and the 2 boys that are sitting across from me start whispering to each other, which I know by now this is never good because they are normally trying to figure out how to say something in English.

The boy on the left finally looks up at me and points to the boy next to him and says,
"He likes you!"

Me: "I'm married, sorry!" *pointing to my ring*

The boy who likes me puts his head down and looks really sad for awhile....until he asks
"How old are you?"

Me: "I'm 22."

He puts his head down again, obviously in deep thought. Finally he looks back up and says,
"Do you like your husband?"

Me: "Yes, I like him a lot! Thanks for asking"

Awkward Silence....

My favorite is sitting with my 3rd grade girls because they just call me "cute" and "beautiful" and admire my ring the whole lunch which is a great self esteem booster.
Perry Sensei

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