Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Journey Through My Closet, Part 1

Sorry I've had bloggers block lately and I have been SUPER SUPER SUPER busy with projects and papers!!

Since I'm going through and showing you our apartment I thought I would go through and show you some of my favorite pieces of clothing that are in my closet...

First, I want to introduce you to my perfect pair of shoes.

Before I show you them, Let me begin with the story of how these amazing shoes became mine.

It was the summer between my Sophomore year and Senior year in high school (I skipped junior year in case you were confused)

My youth group and I went to Leadville, Colorado, like we did every year, for a mission trip.

It's a beautiful place!! We always stayed at the same motel called The Mountain Peaks Motel, (classy right?)

Right next door there was thrift store as most of you know I am a HUGE fan of thrift stores so I went in with a few of my friends walked around for a bit just looking and then I was stopped in my tracks......

There sitting on the shoe rack were these amazing black velvet shoes that looked brand new, no marks on the bottoms, nothing they were perfect and then I saw it size 7, perfect it was like a sign from God and then the price tag read.....$3!!!! I was in shock!!! These babies were going home with me!!! and since that day almost 4 years ago these shoes, these amazing shoes have been sitting in my closet loved and adored by me!

They have severed me well over the years....
I wore them to Freshmen banquet

I wore them in our family pictures

I wore them the day JRP Proposed..

I wore them in our engagement pictures

I will wear them tomorrow night

And I will wear them until they fall apart!

To some they may just be a simple pair of black heels, but to me they are the perfect pair of shoes!!


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