Friday, June 4, 2010


There a million reasons why I love him, but I thought I should tell you a few....
1. He helps me and wants me grow spiritually
2. He loves and has a passion for God
3. He's my encourager
4. He's my comforter
5. He's my best friend
6. He's always there for me
7. He supports me in everything
8. He picks me up when I'm down
9. Keeps me calm and relaxed when I'm stressed
10. He puts a smile on my face when he walks in the room, calls me, text me, or is even mentioned
11. He loves me unconditionally
12. He lets me be myself
13. He writes me the most awesome notes ever
14. He always says what he means and does what he says
15. He makes me the most wonderful gifts seriously...Heres what he made me for christmas

An earring holder, Yes he made it and picked out the fabric and everything!! He noticed that I didn't have a place to put all my earrings so I end up losing them so he came up with this! Brilliant! He's the best :)
16. He constantly makes me laugh out loud
17. He's the sweetest person I have ever met
18. He still gives me butterflies and makes me nervous
19. We can talk about anything
20. I know I can get through anything with him!

I could keep going, but I will spare you.

71 days!!!!

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