Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good thing P is my favorite letter

My mommy got a blog!!!

She's an AMAZING cake decorator!! Right now she may a be a little blog challenged she'll get better!!

If you want to order a cake from her email or comment on her or my blog and I'll get her contact info to you.

Also we got our beautiful toasting glasses back!! Take a look.....

I LOVE them!! Simple, elegant, classy, timeless.

I noticed last night we kind of have a "P" theme going on...didn't mean to do that "P" is just one of my favorite letters I think its so pretty and perfect!! I'm so glad its going to be my last name!

Funny story about changing my last name:
JRP and I had a small, funny spat about this

ME: It's kind of a hassle for me to change my name on everything! You should change your name!

JRP: Um..No

ME: It's 2010 I really don't think I should "have" to change my name....

JRP: When I asked you to marry me, it was implied you would take my last name!

ME: Fine! Let's flip a coin you win I change my name I win you change yours!

JRP: DEAL! I call heads

*Flip coin*

ME: Dang heads, you win, but I'm dragging you around to all the places with me to change my name!

Also, I got JRP's ring engraved sorry I can't tell you what I wrote it's a surprise for him and he occasionally reads this blog key word being occasionally, aka he goes read it after I ask him if he read it or not.

Also vote on my new poll now thats its finally working right!!

Peace out ---<

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