Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

The house and I have a love/hate relationship big time.
When we bought the house I LOVED it.

I loved the fireplace, the 80 year old molding, the original hard wood floors, and the original hardware on most of the door.

Then I hated the house when we started doing demo.
I hated the dust. I hated the plaster. I hated the bathroom tile. I hated the 1920's electricity. I especially hated the duct taped together plumbing. I hated that every choice I made I felt like was the wrong choice, like the outside color of paint. I hated dealing with the historical district. I even started hating the molding and the original hardware on the doors because what was missing couldn't be replaced!

Now I have started to fall in love again. I'm in love with the new molding that my dad put up to match the 80 year old ones in the living room. I love the paint that we are putting on the cabinets. I love how we demoed the house now that the dust is gone and so are the walls. I love the new drywall everywhere. I love the wood floor we discovered under the tile in the kitchen. I especially love that it is almost done!!!!! Pictures to come soon!!


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Staci and Daniel said...

Hang in there girly. :)