Monday, August 22, 2011


Take a look at this beautiful molding my dad did!!!
It's so pretty it makes my heart melt and now it's even prettier because the in-laws came this weekend and helped us paint!! After we were done JRP and I just stood in our bedroom, in awe of how this once ugly, ugly, ugly room is now one of our favorites!
We also painted the kitchen!!! I wanted just a hint of color, so I picked out this color that I thought it would be just the hint we needed, but it was more like a shock of color!!!! It looked like a teenage girl's room! It was BRIGHT!!!!
So I took the trim paint (white) and mixed it to tone it down!
And it turned into this....
It was worth painting it 4 times I love it!!
We also picked out all the walls and ceiling colors!!!
And we are going with stripes in the living room!!!! I can't wait!


Gabriela Lim said...

I love the color of your kitchen! So fresh and cheery.

I can't wait to see photos of the stripes in the living room. What an awesome idea!

Staci and Daniel said...

I love everything about this post. You better go hug Poppy RIGHT NOW and thank him for that beautiful molding! Love ya sis.


Heathrow said...

Thanks!! I love the color too!!! We'll see if the stripes work out! I hope they do because everyone thinks I'm crazy for trying!

Staci- I thanked him about a million times and told him how beautiful it was and how much I loved it and he said "it looks like crap, don't thank me!"