Thursday, August 18, 2011

White, Striped, Zig-Zagged, or Yellow?

JRP and I have been discussing our ceiling colors for our living room for weeks!!
We need some advice! PLEASE HELP!!!
I hate white ceilings! I think they are boring, boring, boring!!!
So I thought yellow might be pretty, but JRP thinks its overwhelmingly bright!

Keep in mind our decor:

Here are some examples of yellow ceilings:
Tell me what you think we should do!

I LOVE the stripes or zig-zags, but it would be sooooooo much work and JRP said I have to do it by myself!!!

These are the colors that we are going with in our house!
What should we do?


leslie.stephens said...

If you're willing to do the work, chevron or strips would be lovely. But just a solid yellow would do the job! (and probably freak Jason out a little less, haha)

Staci and Daniel said...

I like the stripes because it is less yellow. Remember (Jason), paint isnt permanent. I also like the grey wall on the striped one too, it really balances it out. Are you still getting a new couch? If so go for a color and put it against the grey wall maybe??