Friday, May 28, 2010

Is my bridezilla showing?

I am a very decisive bride.

I have a picture of what I want my wedding to look exact picture and most of the time I know how to make it or where to get it.

There are good things to this of course. One being that I don't really have to figure out what I want and I can describe to my mother exactly what I want.

Bad thing? It can sometimes look like this when I can't make or find what I want or let's say put staples in the reception hall walls to cover up the nasty basketball goal.....

Of course I'm trying to avoid turning into a bridezilla, thats the last thing I want. but every bride has a little bit of bridezilla in them I just hope mine doesn't show too much. Sorry if It does sometimes. I just want everything to be perfect! I only get one shot at this thing, you know? Isn't that what all brides want? For everything to be picture perfect just like a fairy tale? Isn't that what we were raised to think a wedding should be like?

On the other hand, So what if I have to work extra hard to figure out a way to hang fabric over that nasty goal. So what if everyone isn't wearing the color scheme I want. I still get to marry my best friend and the love of my life and really thats all that matters right? (that does NOT exclude those of you out there from wearing what I want/have asked you to wear! Sorry!) (and yes I know my bridezilla is showing, I'll try to tame it back down now!)

We are taking our engagement pictures tomorrow!!! I couldn't be more excited!!! One of my friends that I have grown up with, Alyssa Jackson, is taking them!! She just started a photography business and her pictures are AMAZING!!! I know she is definitely an up and coming photographer and I have no doubt that she'll be in some magazine somewhere or something!! I'll post them as soon as i get them back!! However, I still have not picked out what to wear yet...that may be a problem, maybe I should go work on that!!!


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Jessica said...

Ha ha your blog makes me laugh because everyone I was just recently there. A friend (who is married) told me something that was the best piece of advice I've ever heard and I thought I'd share:

Your day will not be perfect, something will go wrong. The ring bearer will throw a fit, the flower girl will cry and someone (bridesmaid, flower people, parent, etc.) will do something stupid. Its best just to accept it now. All that really matters is that you two make a covenant to each other on that day and commit your lives to each other. If that happens, then it will be a perfect day!

He was absolutely right for our wedding, the cake was late, my bouquet was the wrong color but all in all, it was the perfect day. I hope and pray yours is perfect in every way, but if its not, I hope the end result is perfect! :)