Friday, May 21, 2010

Polls are closed

Thanks readers!! Wow 33 I didn't know that many people read my blog!! I am in awe!

It's official as of right now this is how my hair will look on my wedding day!

Of course I will have to do a test run first to make sure it's good!

However, even though it was the least voted on, I will be doing something very similar to this for my bridal portraits. (I know my future father-in-law will be happy about this seeing how its the one he voted for)

There is a chance I might fall in love with this have to do it on my wedding day too, but we'll see.

Apparently unconsciously I want to be blonde, maybe I'll try it some day.

I'll have to start thinking of a new poll this was VERY helpful!! One more thing crossed off the list!!



Staci and Daniel said...

Heather.. I really think you need to do the same for the bridal portraits because they are supposed to look like they were taken the day of your wedding AND that is the test drive... I am just saying. O and although I like the style of this look, I think you might be disappointed bc it will be August, hot and humid and you want your hair to be.. STRAIGHT!?! AH! You have beautiful curly hair! LET IT BE ITSELF. Crazy Girl I love you.

Heathrow said...

You're right :( so what should i do curly undo or curly half way up half way down?