Monday, May 17, 2010

Operation gray love seat: Complete!!!

Whelp, It's show week again here at Heathrow International, but not just any show week, this show is the first show I have costumed by myself!! I'm so excited and happy with how everything turned out!!

*Drum roll, please*

I FOUND THE GRAY LOVE SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's perfect :):) this is the most interesting love seat I have ever seen!! Its from this place online called Home Reserve and its a ready to assemble couch which means you put it together it's actually really cool and it has storage under the cushions!! and they let you order sample fabric!! I love this place!!!

and on that love seat these pillows will wonderfully sit,

And right next to that these chairs will be lovingly placed

and in those chairs these pillows will be perfectly arranged

and right in front of our beautiful sofa will go our amazing freshly painted black coffee table and matching side table will go to the side (sorry I don't have a picture of either one)

Just a few more touches here and there and our living room is complete and I couldn't be happier!!!

This week and last week have been wedding crazy. I have checked so many things off, but i still feel like I have a ton to do

Bridesmaid dress- check
Tuxes, picked out, but not rented- I'll give it a check anyway
Invites in and almost addressed-check
Wedding songs all picked out!!!-check
Guestbook painted by our amazing friend Laura-check
Registries- check
And lots more I can't think of right now!

Here are the links to all our registries:
Bed Bath & Beyond

I know we have a lot, I just do what I'm told to do.

You may notice (because someone asked me about it the other day) that some of the items are things that I normally wouldn't pick out, but it's because JRP meticulously and wonderfully picked out all the stuff for our bedroom and bathroom, Just another reason why I love him!

Also, keep voting on the hair poll!! Thanks for helping me out you guys rock!!!


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