Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pack Rat on a Roller Coaster

Last week and this week have been stressful, awful, wonderful, terrible, amazing, and exciting all rolled into one. To say it has been a roller coaster would be an understatement.

Here a few events that have caused all these things

Finals :(

Summer :)

Summer classes :(

My computer got taken hostage by IT (they are putting windows back on it boo!) :(

I got to go in JRP's and My apartment for next year! I'm so excited!!! :)

JRP turned 22 (I know, I'm marrying an old man) :)

JRP went home :(

JRP Came to visit :)

I'm going to his house tonight!! :)

Another craft fail (I will not be posting pictures of this on it's just too sad) :(

JRP and I have been watching the show on TLC called Hoarding Buried Alive and we have decided that we have WAY too much stuff especially for our tiny baby apartment. so, we are going through everything we own and throwing stuff away. We both have things we hoard like none other. JRP is a tshirt hoarder. I wish i would have taken a picture of all his tshirt luckily about half of them are now gone. Last night I found something I had forgotten that I hoarded....

If you can't tell what that is, it is all my notes that I passed to people while at OCA. Yes, for some reason I felt the need to keep all of them! So last night I read all of them, laughed at how immature I was, and threw them away! Maybe if I would have not passed notes and actually listened to the teachers I would have learned stuff and done better on the finals for this semester, but then again probably not.

All in all I got rid of 4 boxes and 4 tubs. I still have a TON more to go through, but I feel pretty accomplished right now!


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