Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fail Fail Fail Fail

I fail at life....

First I fail at studying for finals. I hate finals and studying so I sit and get distracted on facebook or I blog or creep on other peoples blog's or my favorite new thing to do is to creep on people's wedding pictures. So if you're married and we are friends on facebook I have more than likely creeped you this week. Sorry...forgive me. Also engagement pictures creeped on those too. Again sorry I am a creeper, if you didn't already know that.

Second, I fail at crafts....

this happened a while ago, but I was so distraught about that I couldn't bring myself to blog about it.

So, Little know fact about me I love Birds, not real birds. Real birds creep me out. I love those fake birds that you see in the floral section of Hobby Lobby. Well a few weeks ago my mom found these birds on MAJOR clearance

(I took this picture thinking i could do this awesome before and after blog post)

I wanted to use birds in JRP's and my wedding, but I wanted them white. I thought no problem I'm crafty I can spray paint these birds in a jiff and they will be the most beautiful things ever! Boy was I wrong.

First mistake, you see how they are all laid out on a piece of paper, well apparently you can't spray paint them like that I mean really that should have been obvious to me but I wasn't thinking. So after doing a few and failing I deiced that I needed to put them in some type of Styrofoam so I could get all of them. Second mistake, did you know the chemicals in spray paint melt styrofoam? yeah I didn't either so i ended up with this....

Huge Major Craft Fail..

I think I'll just go buy the white ones....or ditch the birds (who am I kidding I could never)

Off to Hobby Lobby I go, again



Jessica said...

Sorry about the birds dear :( From the pictures they look really good though...but I'm assuming in real life they don't look how I'm picturing them in my head.

Anyway, if you're interested in Shelby doing your engagement pictures, he's booking for the summer. If you want his contact info, just let me know!

Heathrow said...

Well they look ok I guess, but not as good as I want them to look. I might try to revive them, but who knows.

We actually have already booked our engagement pictures with a good friend of mine, but thanks!