Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check, Check, Check, Check

After hours of running around town yesterday and my future hubby patiently standing in Hobby Lobby while I agonize over which markers to get to address the invitations, I have so many things crossed off my list it's not even funny!!

-Decorative letters for candy table- Check
-Ribbon (red, black, and white)- Check
-Glass Jar for Unity sand-Check
-engrave glass jar with names and verse- Check, Pick it up today
-Sand (red, black and White)-Check
-White Spray paint for a DIY project I'm working on-Check
-Chalkboard paint for another project- Check
-2 Silver paint Markers- Check
-Bridesmaid dresses ordered-check
-Jason's Ring being made ready in 3 weeks- Check
-Guestbook stuff bought-Check
-Wedding music all but one-check
-Reception music-check
-Invitation wording-check
-Book Engagement pictures-Check
-Find prince charming and marry him-Check

And the thing I have been dreading the most has been started, The guest list
Evil guest list more like it
Why can't we just send out a blanket invite for everyone we know to come?
I know, I know...it's rude and the chapel only holds 200 people so RSVP=CRUCIAL!
but really finding everyone's addresses and figuring out all the proper names and the way to put them and figuring out who to invite and who not to invite, I mean wow it's a lot

Luckily for me I have the most AMAZING mother in the world, who pretty much handled it yesterday! Seriously though she's awesome!

I ran across this Blog Post Yesterday when I was of course creeping on people, I mean really how can you not. but this is exactly how I feel right now you should go read it!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a little article in my inbox. The 10 most daring wedding dresses, I thought hey cool I might as well look and as I'm scrolling through I am dumbfounded!! There is a dress that has some of the same features my dress has!! WHAT!! I was rather shocked. However, as I was thinking about it today I have always been a little daring with my fashion so why stop now, Embrace it and of course I will totally rock it. (Shayla that's for you)

On that note lets talk about THE DRESS, for a second. (oh BTW I bought THE DRESS!!!! and it doesn't come in until JULY, ECK, THE END OF JULY!!! Double ECK!!!! Yeah July!! We are getting married in August..all I can do is pray right now!) My dress is the most perfect, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, dress that has ever been made or will be made on the face of this earth, but I'm a little biased. I mean I would even pick this dress over wearing a dress Marie Antoinette wore herself, and trust me thats saying a lot!! So Yes, I love my dress, but what bride doesn't?

And because I feel like people never read the blog they just look at the pictures..Here's the best wedding dress i have ever seen, I like to call it the condom dress..Enjoy...



Scotty and Summer Roller said...

What an exciting time in your life! Me and Scotty are super excited for you!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! (condom dress) HAHAH!!!

Heathrow said...

Thanks!! Summer and Scotty!! Emily I know right BAHHHHHH!!

Cassie said...

Wow! You have got so much done already! I am WAY impressed. You're great!