Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dos and Don'ts

I absolutely love my ring!! I, of course like every bride-to-be, stare at it constantly, and show it off at any moment that is presented to me. I have come to find out though that people DO NOT understand what the proper response is when someone shows you their beautiful rock. So here is a little list of the dos and the don'ts of engagement ring responses.

1. Don't ever ask how much it was!!!

2. Don't ask how big it is!!

3. Don't EVER say that you know someone who has a ring that looks a lot like it

4. Don't call it cute, in fact you should never EVER call anything about a wedding cute especially to the bride. I hate that word!! It's really just the nice way to say fine.

1. Do call it beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, breathtaking, and the best ring you have ever seen.

2. Do ask me to see it EVERY TIME you see me.

3. Do stare at it with me

4. Do complement the groom on doing such a good job (even though JRP didn't pick out this ring per say its still proper and nice to do)

My ring is now begging for my undivided attention...



Anonymous said... how much was this rock and how big is it? BTW I think it is SUPER cute. Precious actually.

katyjo30 said...

Please refer to my post last September.

Heathrow said...

Bahh Katy I remember that and I think when I read it i was like no way would any ever ask how much it was or how big it is! I was sorely mistaken, I'm sorry I doubted!!

katyjo30 said...

haha Now you know I was speaking the truth!

Anonymous said...

Man, I loved this. The FIRST thing one of my friends asked me was "How many karats is it?!" I honestly didn't know, and I asked Greg and told her... Now I regret that I did just because I wish I could have had a "none of your freakin' business" moments!!!! She is the ONLY one who has ever asked me that.