Saturday, April 24, 2010

Forget the Wedding

Forget the Reception

Forget the Flowers

Forget the Dress

Forget the Chocolate fountains

Forget the cake

I am done planning a wedding

I'm focusing on the marriage

Yesterday we went and picked out these two books to read!!

We are really excited to start reading them!!

If you have anymore reading suggestions feel free to comment!!

(I actually am not done planning the wedding, but I know planning our marriage needs to take priority over the wedding)

In wedding planning news the bridesmaid dresses came yesterday and they are PERFECT I love them!!!



Anonymous said...

Are you two going to get pre-marriage counseling???

Heathrow said...

Yes, we actually have already started it!

My Life in Ruins said...

I feel like the actual marriage part is kind of a big deal. I mean...that's the word on the street anyways.

Heathrow said...

Really? I never heard that ;)

leslie.stephens said...

Andy and I read the Saving your Marriage before it Starts w/ our premarital counselor, really liked it. We also got His Needs, Her Needs as a wedding gift. I plan on starting that one this summer. I've heard great things about it.