Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let the Wedding planning begin!!

We are getting married on August 14, 2010. That's right this August, you know the one coming up in less than 4 months? Neither one of us wanted a long engagement at all so August 14th it is.

We have gotten a lot done in the past week. First of all we booked the church, which was easy because its the church we go to. Here's a picture of the chapel where I will marry my best friend!

I love the red!! of course its my favorite color and a wedding color! :)

Also, we asked the Photographer, but we haven't filled out the contract yet so i guess we haven't officially booked her. Here is her blog

Bridesmaid dresses however are the most frustrating thing at this point!!! I can't find ones I like and my sister likes anywhere!!!! And now my sister is in Japan so it's going to be that much hard to find anything!! Ugh..I'm going to be done with this for awhile maybe new styles will come out or something i dont know!!

Ok time for take out and a movie with my honey!! More later!!

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