Saturday, September 18, 2010


Even though I think it's cliche.

I'm following the mass of brides and chopping my hair off!!

It's been driving me crazy! It is out of control!

No longer is it wavy and beautiful.

It's limp and lifeless and lame. I hate it!!!

So snip snip....

Here our a few options please vote on the poll




(yes, Katy I did vote on your poll that it was cliche, but now I understand and I'm sorry, I take it back!)


Michelle Smith said...

Number 2!!

katyjo30 said...

HA! Your right it is cliche.....but cliches are made for a reason, because it's the RIGHT thing to do!

You go girl. Make sure to give to Locks of Love! That's what got me through it.

Anonymous said...

I say the first one I guess. But my honest opinion is to keep it long. You have beautiful hair!