Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nappy Birfweek!

I think I lied in my last post...

Halloween is in fact not my favorite Holiday that would have to be, hands down, my birthday! Even though its on a horrible day (9/11) , but we (aka I) have turned it into more of birthweek anyway!

My mom has always made a huge deal out of my birthday!! Being a cake decorators daughter I always got and still get the best birthday cakes ever and she normally throws a big party with great food and great people and it's awesome! This year was no different expect I now have an amazing husband that makes a huge deal out of it too!

To start out my birthweek My in-laws came in to town on Saturday and took JRP, I and My parents out to an amazing dinner!! Then, JRP took me out to dinner on Tuesday night to my favorite restaurant, The Olive Garden!

Then Friday night he cleaned our whole apartment (dishes, laundry, everything!) and cooked me a wonderful dinner! He even made a menu and got me roses, it was so sweet! And then at midnight he gave me all my presents! He got me a red reusable water bottle, a coat rack, and a big bag of york peppermint patties!!!

Then on Saturday morning he woke me up with breakfast in bed! Waffles and bacon! and a sweet sweet birthday card! Then we went down to the Chesapeake Boathouse and went Kayaking!!

Then we had a big party out at my parents house and my mom made me an amazing Marie Antoinette cake!! It was Perfect!!
You can see more pictures of my amazing Marie Cake(Notice I say Marie not Barbie because I'm not 8!! I did not have a Barbie cake!) on my Mom's Blog

It was truly a wonderful, amazing week!!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO happy that you had an awesome (and your first married) birthday!!! My family makes a pretty big deal out of birthdays too... My birthday is MY DAY! lol I feel that way about Greg's birthday too, and I hope to be that way with our own kids! It's nice to have one out of 365 days dedicated to yourself out of the year, right? :-)