Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year for me! I LOVE halloween, but I'm a costume designer why wouldn't I right? But its more than that. Halloween is a HUGE deal in my family, it even trumps Christmas. Crazy to most of you, but awesome to me!!! Halloween holds so many happy memories for me and free candy what's better than that? (BTW you are never to old to trick or treat, JRP and I will be doing it this year of course!)

I'm so excited!! Its right around the corner!! I can almost smell the candy corn!!!

I'm itching to bust out the 11 boxes of halloween decorations and go crazy!!! (Thank you sister for loaning me your 10 boxes while you are in Japan, My measly 1 box was just not going to cut it this year!)

I'm sad we won't have a famous Staci and Daniel party!!! It's going to be a tough time of year without them here! Especially since JRP is a halloween hater!!!


P.S. As soon as October 1st rolls around you better believe I'll put pictures up of our decorations! This is what I pray it looks like.....

(Only in my dreams, JRP would never allow this)

I was also planning on finishing decorating our apartment this week, but I'm sick and lazy right now so hopefully soon!!


Staci and Daniel said...

Dude- seriously do I really have 10 boxes? O and this is definitely an achievable look especially in such a small space. Cheesecloth is your friend. $ Tree- go before the crazies by everything. Y'all should have a party in honor of us.

Staci and Daniel said...

*Edit* before they BUY everything- that was a typo, I do know how to spell.

Heathrow said...

We were planning on trying to have a party out at mom and dads. Maybe in the barn if it's not too cold or just on the deck!