Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have you seen the show on TLC? If you haven't WATCH IT, RECORD IT, do whatever you have to do, but if you are someone who likes to save money you need to see it!! It blew my mind and I know some of it was probably more for TV, but some of it you really can do!

I aspire to be this woman! on the show she went to the grocery store and spent $600 before coupons and $2 after!! Thats crazy, amazing, and awesome!!! I could cut out the dumpster diving, but her ability to figure out coupons and sales inspires me.

Since we are buying a house, JRP and I keep to a pretty tight budget of $50-75 a month on groceries and yes I said a month. My mom thinks I'm starving him, but I live by a few simple rules that help me stay in this budget.

1. I plan out meals for 3 weeks and figure out exactly what we need for those meals. I stretch that 3 weeks to 4 weeks most of the time by eating leftovers.

2. I never leave without a list and I VERY rarely divert from my list.

3. I buy things that have to be made. Aka I don't buy snack foods that you can grab and go. I have learned that me and JRP (if he's not really hungry) are lazy, so we are less likely to eat snacks if we have to make them. Not only does this help the budget, but it also helps the first married weight gain!

4. I don't buy drinks other than milk. (Unless I have a coupon for apple juice, it's my weakness)

5. I NEVER EVER EVER pay for water! That's crazy! If you like water bottles (like my mother) buy a re-useable one and fill it up!!! DON'T pay for water!

6. I try to use a coupon on every purchase. (I want to get to the point where we don't buy things unless we have a coupon, but I'm not that good yet!)

7. We only go out to eat once a month and even then we only spend $10 for both of us.

8. I don't buy lunch meat every month. (You may think thats crazy, but PBJ's are great and cheaper)

9. I buy frozen when possible. (frozen veggies are actually healthier for you and they last longer so you won't have to throw them out)

10. I switch grocery stores. I don't always shop at one store because different stores have sales different months. I find the best sale and I go there.

11. We don't eat meat every meal.

12. I read Money Saving Mom everyday!

13. Me and free samples= best friends

What do you guys do to save money? Got any tips for me?


TaylorMade said...

my coupon spots I go to before every grocery run:
4. (great ones for cooking soups/broths to even the chunky and select harvest soups)

You most likely already go to them, but thought I's share with them just in case!

Heathrow said...

I mostly just use money saving mom because she adds in the store deals with the coupons, but I do visit those sites on occasion too!