Monday, January 24, 2011

Puppy Love

Introducing JRP's and my new puppy!!
It's kind of a crazy story how we got him. We found a puppy on craigslist a black lab/husky. He was so cute and free so I thought we should go pick him up. Jason and I have been wanting a big, loud dog for our new house. I guess the people had 2 puppies on craigslist and when I texted the guy all I said was puppy I didn't specify. We deiced to meet these people halfway because they lived pretty far away and all we knew was that they had a white SUV. So we pull up wait for a bit and a white SUV pulls up with a dog in hand they get out and walk around a bit and Jason and I take one look at the dog they are holding and both say "I wish we were getting that dog instead (apparently JRP and I are a little racist when it comes to dogs, we really don't like white dogs, Black dogs are ok, but brown dogs are our favorite), but that can't be the people he's not a black dog." Finally they call us and we figure out it is the people and we got confused on the dogs. They were very nice and even offered to switch the dogs if we didn't like him, but we had already fell in love with him. and then we asked what mix of dog he was and the guy says "German Shepherd/Collie Mix" Which was even more perfect because that JRP's and my favorite kinds of dogs in one. So we took him out to our parents house (where he's staying till we get a fence in our yard) and he just laid on JRP's lap the whole time he was very sweet.

His name is Barney (off How I Met Your Mother, not the big purple dinosaur)
He's 5 months old and he has a huge loud bark!!

We can't wait to have him in our yard at our house!! I'm a little afraid he might run off out in the country, but we'll see!


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Staci and Daniel said...

That dog is large. That is all.

Heathrow said...

Yes he's going to be HUGE!!