Friday, December 25, 2009

Expect delays...

Yes, It's official we are delayed at my apartment...

Well, the car was finally abandoned after 3 hours of trying to get it unstuck.
I, the smart one in the family, left after about 1 1/2 hour, went back into my apartment and started getting the place warm for when my father, the most pigheaded in the family, finally decided to give up and come inside.
He finally got the car to the stop sign by my apartment and left it.

Of course, being a college student I have no food in my apartment. So we were stranded in my apartment with no food and two very whinny and hungry parents. This is a problem obviously...Luckily I was put in charge of checking the apartments for the break, therefore I have keys..I walked to my boyfriends apartment, through the 20 feet of snow outside, with just the coat on back and determination in my heart. I got to the snow covered stairs and made my way up to his door on the second floor and this is what I find...

I mean really on the SECOND floor!! I know all those people who grew up in the north think I'm a wimp, but I have never seen anything like this in my life.

I go into his apartment and steal what little food he had (with his permission of course) and carry it back to waiting parents who are still frozen solid from standing outside in the blizzard for 3 hours. Really, I'm surprised my dad still has all his toes today.

What food did he have, you may ask. Well...just take a look at what we have eaten for the last 2 nights...

Good thing I LOVE Mac and Cheese, too bad my parents don't, but they aren't complaining...yet

We spent most of the day watching movies, Myth busters, and SYTTD (Say Yes To The Dress, AKA My dad's favorite show because of all the "drama") and if you don't know that abbreviation learn it, love it, live it. SYTTD is a pretty big deal over here at Heathrow!

What a great Christmas day...Really I promise there is no sarcasm in that!

Happy Christmas!!!


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