Saturday, December 26, 2009

The seatbelt sign has been turned on...FINALLY

(No I will not give up the airplane titles I think they are funny sorry if you don't)

FREEDOM....well...kind of....

Car officially unstuck!! We are out of my apartment!!!! Where did we go?

First on the priority list...

Sonic, what else?
It's funny how when you get stuck in a place for a few days, how much more you appreciate every little thing when you get out. So when the carhop brought me my glorious Watermelon Sprite I nearly fainted in excitement! It was pure joy when I put the straw to my lips and took the first sip...yum!

And then disaster struck....

...See I have this problem (any of my friends can tell you this) if you put a drink in front of me with a straw it will be gone in 2 minutes flat, sometimes less. I always feel terribly bad for waiters when they get me because the whole time I am there they will constantly running back and forth to refill my drink...

Just as quick as the joy came it was gone and so was my Watermelon Sprite :(

But I was still happy because I was no longer cooped up in my apartment with my parents and no food. I had seen the light and it was great and then the light was gone..

My parents pulled on to the turnpike, they were taking me to an even smaller apartment to be cooped up in!! I can't believe how cruel they are sometimes.

When we got "home" (I use that word very loosely) our walk way was completely covered in snow. We of course have no shovel here so my Father being the red neck that he is uses the first thing he sees to clear the path so my mother, who is prone to falling and breaking things, can walk inside. What does he grab? Take a look at the brilliancy of my daddy.

Yes its a skillet and it worked pretty well. Just call him the red neck Bear Grills.

On a completely different note...

I think I have turned into one of those obsessive bloggers. I find myself saying things like..."Oh, That is SO going on my blog." and "What? No internet! What about my blog?" I also get giddy with excitement when I find out that people read it or when people call me cracking up because they think its so funny. So thank you readers. (Comments would be nice too though) You make my day, but really that's not hard to do especially this week.


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