Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If walls could talk

Today I said goodbye to the house I have lived in since I was 4 and even though I have my own apartment now it was very sad for me. It's hard to say goodbye, but I know it was time to move on. However, I think my mother immediately regretted the decision today when she walked out the door. (But that may be because they are living in an apartment till they find a new house)

If the walls of that house could talk, they would probably be happy that loud family finally moved out. Now, they can have a little peace and quiet.

I will miss a lot of things about that house...
It was so close, now I have to drive forever away to see my parents
It had the perfect sewing room, really it was awesome!
Taking pictures by the fireplace every event we went to, here are a few of those pictures...

Halloween 2009 Carmen San Diego and Where's Waldo

2008 Mudpit formal

Halloween 2007

I will miss making Sushi in the dinning room

I will miss dying our hair pink

I will miss bridal showers, birthday parties, and family dinners

I will miss our WONDERFUL neighbors

I know I will always have amazing memories from this house and I am so happy for the new family that gets to make memories in this house!

And its good a thing walls CAN'T talk, I know they would betray me.

So long house, We've had a good run, but now it's time for a us to go our separate ways. Be nice to the new owners, don't give them too much trouble.


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