Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well since nothing really "blog worthy" happened today other than this awesome quote from my father

"it'll eat."

I could tell you the story around this, but you will still be confused so no point. In fact, I'm still confused.

I wanted to introduce you to my family, I mean they are the subject of this blog so I figure it's as good a time as any.

Let me start with a poem I wrote a long time ago about my family it may give you some insight.

My family as shoes

My mother is a high heel
She likes to crush dreams
My dad is a cowboy boot
He is a hard worker
My sister is a toddler's shoe
She yells a lot and throws fits
My brother-in-law is a flip-flop
He doesn't have much up there
I am a ballet flat
I love to dance any and everywhere

It makes me laugh every time I read it and It makes my mother scoff every time she reads it.

Well let me start with my daddy since I seem to talk about him a lot.

I am very much a daddy's girl. I have always been the one to help him work on cars, fix things around the house, go fishing, go to the gun range, throw a football around with. Yes, because my father didn't have a boy and they thought I was a boy before I was born I just automatically got to be the tom boy which I didn't really mind and still don't I actually still do most of those things with him now I just do it in a dress.

My dad is probably the funniest person in my family, but he doesn't show it when new people come over. People don't believe the stories I tell about him when they first meet him, but after awhile his true self starts to emerge. I still look at my Father as a superhero he can do anything, knows everything, and fix anything, but for real though. Those of you who know him know that about him. He is Mr. Fix it and Mr. Know it all. He is also a HUGE redneck and i use that in the most loving way possible. It's what gives him his charm I guess you could say. I will try to keep track of quotes from him because they are HILARIOUS.

His new favorite show as already mentioned is SYTTD because he likes the "drama" (really his words not mine) He Loves to comment on who ugly a dress looks or how good it looks, it's very funny and he has pretty good fashion sense, but I didn't tell you that he would never admit to it.

My mom, She doesn't really crush dreams...most of the time...

My mom is AMAZING. My friends often joke that she is a robot. Which I sometimes think she might be. She is the MOST efficient person I know. She hates wasting time and she hates sitting around she always has to be doing something. Every time I complain about having a lot of hours in school she reminds me that when she got her bachelors she took 24 hours, had a full time job, 2 little kids, and got a 4.0, Yeah, for real how would you like to have that held over your head it's a lot of pressure.

She is the Queen. We often joke that, she does what she wants, when she wants, where she wants, at all times, and you will like it. She often makes comments that are well let say inappropriate, but very funny. She loves rap and Justin Timberlake is her favorite or Future Sex as she calls him and Yes, she plays it very loudly in her office at OC.

She is very very very VERY sarcastic.

Have you seen Blind Side? Mother is A LOT like the mom in that movie!

But she is also one of the nicest and most hospitable person I know. In fact, growing up my sister and I almost always shared a room because we had someone else living with us. I inspire to be like my mother in that way. Both of my parents have the most servant hearts that I have seen. I know that is the gift that God gave them and they use it a lot. I hope that one day my kids will say the same about me.

She is an incredible, funny, loving, sarcastic, robotic, smart, and nice person. I am blessed to have her as my mother.

My older sister...

She is my best friend. I love her very much. Yes, she does throw fits when she get stressed out, but its ok it's actually kind of funny when its happening.

She like the rest of my family is so funny! She has always been there for me no matter what I needed.

As kids everybody thought we were twins even though we are 3 years apart. Probably mostly because my mother loved to dress us alike, but I didn't mind I always wanted to be like my big sister and still do. I look up to her so much and she has taught me a lot about everything. She is a joy to have in my life and I thank God for giving me such a great role model.

My brother-In-Law, aka O tall one

The newest addition to my family, but it feels like he has just always been there.
He is also, HILARIOUS, but like my father you wouldn't expect half of what comes out of his mouth when you first meet him.
He is really like my big brother. At first I wasn't so sure about him I thought he was too quiet and rather annoying because he came to our house everyday to ask my sister out and everyday she would say no until we convinced her to just go out with him once so he would leave us alone and she did and the rest is history. I am now very happy that he is in our family and can't believe I ever thought those things.

And then there's me....

I love to sew! Hopefully I will have some tutorials on here soon.
I have a slight, some might call obsession with Marie Antoinette (The title of the blog, Pour La Reine means For the Queen in French and I have more books on her than my hometown's library and my college's library combined. That may give you a bit of insight on how obsessed I am) Also, the background of that picture it Her birth place my 2nd favorite place in the world, First of course being Versailles.
I love dresses ( My bff made me count them the other day I have 37)
I love going to the gun range
There's just a few strange things about me
Also, Heathrow originated from my aunt who has just always called me that Heather, Heathrow I guess it kind of fits.

Well that's the fam, I wouldn't trade them in. They keep my life interesting and crazy, but I love them more than words can describe.


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Bobby said...

What a cool blog post! Loved reading about your family, although I already knew how awesome they are.